Unsupported Browser
Sorry, your browser does not support the HTML5 download attribute. This attribute is necessary for Burning Slug to work.

Browsers which support this feature: current desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Browsers which do not support this feature: Internet Explorer, Safari and most mobile browsers. When the browser vendors update their code to conform to the HTML5 standard, Burning Slug should work on those platforms.

Burning Slug uses pure client-side JavaScript to render ebooks. There is no server-side processing in Burning Slug. This makes Burning Slug both scalable and fast. However, in order for this to work there are several modern features that the browser must support. Most importantly, the browser must support setting the download attribute on hyperlinks, so that the generated file can be saved on your machine. Neither Safari nor Internet Explorer support this attribute, even though it is in the HTML5 spec and has been supported by Chrome for the last 26 versions, by Firefox for the last 15 versions, and by Opera for the last 12 versions.

All mobile browsers on iOS (iPhone, iPad) use Safari as their base rendering engine (yes, even the ones that are labeled as Chrome, Firefox, or Chrome) and thus suffer from the same limitations as desktop Safari. The classic Android browser is also woefully incomplete with respect to HTML5. However, Burning Slug may work on the newest Chrome browser for Android. If you have that, feel free to give it a whirl.:-)